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President-Shelley Larson '76

Vice President - John Brown '74

Secretary/Treasurer - Treasure Berkram '86

Executive Director -Amy Overstreet

Scott Gage '73
Steven Hjartarson '96

Brian Kavanagh

JC Seewald '94

Joyce Lewis

Lisa VandenBos '88

Chelsey Schwindt '10

Ashley Kimmett

Darcy Hibbs*

Wade Johnson*

*Foundation bylaws provide that the Superintendent of Schools and the appointed member of the Board of Trustees of the School District shall serve “during the tenure of said offices.”

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The Cut Bank Education Foundation and Alumni Association provides a mechanism to raise and accumulate funds to develop, foster and encourage excellence in education.  The Foundation/Alumni Association will promote public awareness and involvement in school related activities and educational programs.

The Cut Bank Education Foundation & Alumni Association holds its annual "Celebrating Success" Scholarship Recognition event each spring. The annual Celebrating Success program provides public recognition of not only the CBHS extraordinary students but also the outstanding educators they identified as being the most influential in their lives. Please see more about this amazing story in the SCHOLARSHIP tab. 


In addition CBEFAA has provided more than $176,100 in innovative Classroom Mini-Grants to several teachers. We use a portion of its Legacy of Learning Endowment to support its Mini Grant Program. These grants are designed to help teachers pay for innovative programs & equipment that are not funded through the school district. Teachers are invited to "think outside the box" & use the grants to fund purchases of "nice-to-have" items that will enhance their students' educational experience. In the past, the grants have been used to help purchase risers & musical instruments for the music departments, new curtains, sound system & projector in the auditorium, digital plasma cutter, lab equipment, graphing calculators, playground equipment, computer software programs, furnishings for the library, new scoreboards for the high school gym, vo-ed equipment & creating "green spaces" on the school playgrounds, the event fees for the Northwest Choir participating student singers & the Expanding Your Horizons Math & Science event for 6-8th grades. All donations made to Mini-Grants are tax deductible.  


The CBEFAA partners with the Cut Bank Lions Club & community sponsors to annually bring the Missoula Children's Theatre, Montana Shakespeare in the Schools for 7th-12th grades & Montana "Shakes" for our K-6 to introduce Shakespeare's work at the younger level. 

Donations to the Cut Bank Alumni Association are tax deductible.