annual $100 teacher

mini-grants Started 2017

Mona Shortman- Teacher at Zenith Elementary- a real Santa suit for their Christmas program, microscope, derby cars & some geodes.

Kimberly Winkowitsch- Teacher at Hidden Lake Elementary- books & novel studies used for 2nd grade-5th grade.

Kelsey Brown- 3rd Grade teacher at HC Davis Elementary- Osmo 

program that brings more hands-on technology in number sense, facts, word building & vocabulary recognition. 

Becky Kimmet-  Teacher at Horizon Elementary- Merriam-Webster's

Intermediate & Children's Dictionaries as they have no internet access in their school so they need to look up English language words.

Melanie Home Gun- Special Ed teacher at AJ Elementary- special paints & canvas' for her room to help students with emotional needs to have an outlet for stress.

Diana Lewis- Special Ed & Pre-K teacher at HC Davis Elementary- Fluorescent lighting covers to help the lighting environment in her room to help the students with eye strain & anxiety.  They help to take out the harsh glare.

Karla Coy- Councilor at HC Davis & AJ Elementary- Art & Craft supplies to go along with her curriculum teaching. 

Jeanie Simmons- Title 1 teacher at HC Davis & AJ Elementary- Balance Ball chairs at the instructional table, to help with their attention deficit disorder.

Brittney Whittley- Kindergarten teacher at HC Davis Elementary- Flexible seating options as movable comfortable chairs & pillows to help with reading, working independently or breaks from negative situations.

Jaylyn Parent- 3rd Grade teacher at HC Davis Elementary-  Daily comprehension book, world map, United States map, small individual clocks to help with learning how to tell time, magnetic fraction tiles & on fine tip markers.

Patsy Peek- Reading Specialist/Aide at HC Davis & AJ Elementary- DIBELS timers for RTI instruction & assessments that involved one minute timings.

Hapi Seewald- 1st Grade teacher at HC Davis Elementary- Universal Easel & Pacon Easel pad to help with the visual aid when teaching from different parts of her room.

Brielle Andrews- 1st Grade teacher at HC Davis Elementary- Writing Writers Workshop for Elementary level students to build on writing instructions.

Tina Jackson- Kindergarten teacher at HC Davis Elementary- Stay-N-Play Chairs to help maintain balance & help their minds to stay more engaged & focused.

Jackie Racine- 2nd Grade teacher at HC Davis Elementary- Painting Pens to help with the students math & reading programs. 

Sandy Drolllman- 1st Grade teacher at HC Davis Elementary- STEM activities program to help her students with science & math curriculum. 


Brent Volf- 6th -12th Grade Choral teacher at CB Middle School & High School- ELEGIANT USB Powered Bar Speakers so students will be able to use their own technology to help in learning repertoire & in-class assessments.


Barbra Claybourn- 5th Grade teacher at AJ Elementary- Non-fiction unit using the book Volcano: Eruption & Healing of Mount St. Helens to help tie into her science units.


Dancia Sammons- 4th Grade teacher at AJ Elementary- A math bingo game to help with multiplication & division, a sprout display for science & smelly stickers to put on the students tests & homework.  


Kari Standbakke- 2nd Grade teacher at HC Davis Elementary- Kwikstix Solid Tempera Paints, Playmags magnetic tiles and Akiak Picture Book.


Angela Anderson- 4th Grade teacher at AJ Elementary-Physics science lab circuit kit to go along with the electricity unit in science, protractors to help with geometry, compasses to use for math & stickers for incentives. 


Our MakerSpace Program Room

Middle school & High school teacher Bess Hjartarson & Middle school Principal Gail Hofstad provided a our students with a room that students can implement the STEAM concept (science, technology, engineering, art & math).It is an unstructured curriculum environment that will encourages students to design, experiment, build and invent as they develop a connection to science, engineering & tinkering.  The students come before classes in the morning, on their lunch breaks & after school.  This will be a foundation mini-grant that will have a future to grow & more & more students are taking advantage of this great program.